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HUSKIE 2.0 roboRIO MXP Expansion Board

HUSKIE 2.0 roboRIO MXP Expansion Board


TI HDC1080 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

TI HDC1080 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout Board


ST VL6180X Time of Flight Sensor

ST VL6180X Time of Flight Sensor


Arduino CAN Shield (Automotive, no Power Supply)

Arduino CAN Shield (Automotive, no Power Supply)


And you thought fire was dangerous...

Now You, Too, Can Know When Lightning Will Strike!

January 18, 2017
Interested in adding lightning sensing to your weather monitor but don't know when the next thunderstorm will pass you by? With our new lightning "emulator" shield, that's no longer an issue! The shield uses a tuned RCL network to generate a signal that looks like lightning to the AS3935 IC, and can be used to simulate close, mid-range and far-away lightning and help tune in your project. Code to operate the shield can be found on our github site, and check out the SEN-39002 shield product page for more details.

Collaboration With FRC Team 3061: Huskie Board!

December 21, 2016
The Huskie Board is an MXP expansion board designed by FRC Team 3061, Huskie Robotics. This board uses a Parallax Propeller IC (8 symmetrical logical cores with memory and peripheral access) to enable tasks such as advanced data logging, communication and LED control, and breaks out the functions of the MXP port on your roboRIO. We will be adding documentation and product information this week and expect to have the Huskie Board in stock and ready for order by December 30th.

Measuring Hot Things Systems Using Thermocouples?

December 9, 2016
We've expanded our analog thermocouple interfacing lineup with a 0-5V output, 0.005V/°C (0°C to 1000°C) analog thermocouple amplifier and conditioner. This unit is a 4-channel analog thermocouple amplifier module with cold-junction compensation, wide input range power supply and high-quality mini-TC (flat blade) thermocouple connectors. Check it out here!

Do You Know When to Come Inside?

December 8, 2016
The Si114x series from Silicon Labs is an integrated Proximity, wide-range Ambient Light and UV light sensor with a well-known correlation to UV index. We've placed the tiny Si1145 with all of the necessary support components to take advantage of all of the feature this little device has to offer. This includes voltage translation and a high-power IR LED! Check it out on the SEN-36002 product page.

Precision Proximity Measurements Just Got a Little Bit Longer...

November 28, 2016
ST Microelectronics drops the ambient light sensor but extends the functional range of it's successful VL6180X with the introduction of the VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensor. Absolute measurement range is now available up to 2m, depending on the target and lighting conditions. See what our integrated carrier board has to offer on the VL53L0X product page!

Don't Leave Your Application Color Blind!

October 10, 2016
We've added the AMS TMD3700 cRGB (clear/Red/Blue/Green) sensor to a carrier board with voltage level translation and a high power white LED (2700K to match the sensor calibration). Combined with an integrated proximity engine, you can add object detection and color identification to your project! Check out the latest addition to our ALS/Prox sensing lineup here!

Add Proximity Detection and Measurement to Your Project

August 21, 2016
ST Microelectronics is a pioneer in distance measurement, leaving behind the days of assumed color targets and reflectivity to get a high-resolution and high-precision distance measurement from Time-of-Flight sensor technology. The VL6180X measures absolute distance up to 100mm with 1mm resolution and our carrier board lets you connect your 3V to 5V microcontroller to this awesome little chip. Check out more details on the VL6180X SEN-36001 Product Page!