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ArgoBot Kit RoHS

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ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Image ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail
ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail
ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail
ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail ROB-00001 ArgoBot Kit Thumbnail


ArgoBot is now in full production and typically ships within 2 days of ordering.

The ArgoBot Full Kit is a fully assembled robot and controls development platform. It is based on the Digilent chipKIT WF32(TM), a WiFi enabled development platform, and configured for LabVIEW targeting. Most importantly ArgoBot was designed with FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the front of our minds! Named after the FRC Team 1756 mascot, Argos, the ArgoBot development platform includes a fully-assembled, ready to drive mini WiFi enabled robot (about 8" x 5" x 4"), as well as tons of FRC controls tutorials and example code (LabVIEW VIs).

Features included on the ArgoBot will look very familiar to anyone who has worked with National Instruments products (Compact RIO and RoboRIO) in the past. This includes three 5V Digital I/O modules (with jumpered pull-ups), three 5V analog inputs, and an I2C header. Example VIs have been streamlined to enable a 1-click configuration style to accelerate your development process. We also added a 2-channel motor driver that is used to supply the ArgoBot drive motors. Our ultimate goal is that everything you can build, control or implement on ArgoBot can be easily leveraged on your FRC bot!

Complimenting its many electrical features, ArgoBot is easy to work with and easy to maintain. The chassis is a polycarbonate (the extremely tough stuff that is easy to drill and modify but easily takes bumps and bruises without cracking) case that is fully intact - meaning that ArgoBot doesn't just come with a case... it is a case! Clean-up and organization is simple - just close the case and turn off the power switch.

We surely missed something relevant in this write-up, so we invite you to take a few minutes, watch the videos, download our example VIs, and see how ArgoBot can get your FRC controls and software season kicked off early!

Project Background

The three contributors to the ArgoBot project have a combined 20 years involvement in FIRST programs, with continuing involvement in both FLL and FRC. Over the years we have come to realize that the mechanical team would likely never deliver a functioning robot to the Controls/Software team with any more than a week to spare in the build season, so we set out to tip the development time scales back in balance. The result? ArgoBot!


  • Training for your newest FRC students!
    • Teaching tool for controls
    • Learn sensor and actuator interfacing
  • Early prototyping of controls for your FRC bot
    • Try out new sensors
    • Develop new mechanisms
    • Get drivers operating early!
  • University controls and electronics labs
  • Buy multiple ArgoBots for SUMO contests


  • Polycarbonate case for durability and simple modification (add mechanisms, sensors and actuators to ArgoBot!)
  • On-board WiFi communicates to a standard router, included
  • All inputs pin-compatible with roboRIO and cRIO platforms
    • 3 x 5V DIO channels with pull-up jumpers (use with standard PWM cables)
    • 3 x 5V Analog Inputs (use with standard PWM cables)
    • 1 x I2C header (0.1" x 4 header, standard pinout and voltage as roboRIO)
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • On-board LED for easy 'Hello World!' setup - get up and running quickly!
  • Dual-channel motor controller wired to two right-angle gearbox motors
  • EMI shielding installed on motors to enhance wireless reliability
  • 65mm wheels installed
  • Power switch and over-current fuse
  • Dimensions: 7.5in x 5in x 3.5in
  • Includes 6V sealed lead-acid battery and charger
  • Includes WIFI router
  • Multiple ArgoBots can operate from a single WIFI router
  • ArgoBot can easily be operated with a USB Xbox controller (supported in LabVIEW), not included
  • LabVIEW is not included.

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